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by Dave S
Sat 28. Nov 2009, 13:54
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Topic: Heinrich Tank Badges
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Heinrich Tank Badges


Can anyone tell me if Karl Heinrich ever supplied his own make/type of BMW Tank Badges for his Large petrol tanks? I have a 33 liter Heinrich BMW /5 tank with no badges and would like to fit a type that would have been used originally on this tank. Any info welcomed.

by Dave S
Thu 17. Sep 2009, 21:44
Forum: Restoration forum
Topic: Pre Ignition or Pinking
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Pre Ignition or Pinking

Hi All, I have just bought a 1973 R60/5 with 44,000 miles on the clock and it suffers from 'Pinking' or pre Ignition quite badly. Accelerating hard or opening the throttle on even the slightest hill caused pinking? I have set the timing correctly, fitted new plugs, points and condenser but the pinki...