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by 1967 R50/2
Sat 23. Oct 2021, 16:04
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Topic: 328/344 degree /2 Cam shafts
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Re: 328/344 degree /2 Cam shafts

I know this post is very old but it is pertinent to a project I am working on. 1. I have an R50S. In no reference can I find mention of what the stock timing is for when the points should open: 9 degrees or 12 degrees? 2. This bike has a 328 degree cam what should the static timing reall...
by 1967 R50/2
Fri 9. Aug 2013, 21:32
Forum: Restoration forum
Topic: Weight of a /5 Valve Cover
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Weight of a /5 Valve Cover

Hello- I am working on an R50S racer project. - The R50S and /5 valve covers will interchange, although the /5 cover is somewhat larger due to the higher lift valves. -However it is not the size so much as the weight that matters...What is the weight of the /5 cover in Grams? Every gram counts.:) Pl...