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328/344 degree /2 Cam shafts

Posted: Tue 11. May 1999, 19:12
by J.Stracco

Could you please explain how your sport camshafts change the HP/Torque profile of the bike? At what rev range are the effects felt?

Also, do you have a picture of your /2 "Sport" front fender?

Please let me know. Thanks in advance.

Re: 328/344 degree /2 Cam shafts

Posted: Wed 12. May 1999, 12:57
by Mark Huggett
The 328° camshaft has different valve timing to the standard 320° R69S camshaft. It is the favourite racing cam shaft for circuts with lots of bends, hills etc. as it has plenty of torque through out the rev range. The 344° camshaft is a favourite for long tracks as it gives the ultimate in speed and revs but only brings that "wow" effect over 5000rpm. We have no hp info as this also depends on so many other tuning factors.

The R50 sports front mudguard is what BMW produced and supplied for over 20 years as a stock replacement. Basically, it looks like an R68 front mudguard with the standard rivetted on bow.

Best regards
Mark Huggett GmbH

Re: 328/344 degree /2 Cam shafts

Posted: Sat 23. Oct 2021, 16:04
by 1967 R50/2
I know this post is very old but it is pertinent to a project I am working on.

1. I have an R50S. In no reference can I find mention of what the stock timing is for when the points should open: 9 degrees or 12 degrees?
2. This bike has a 328 degree cam what should the static timing really be?

If anyone knows. Please share.

Thanks in advance! (Pun intended!)