Pre Ignition or Pinking

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Dave S
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Pre Ignition or Pinking

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Hi All, I have just bought a 1973 R60/5 with 44,000 miles on the clock and it suffers from 'Pinking' or pre Ignition quite badly. Accelerating hard or opening the throttle on even the slightest hill caused pinking? I have set the timing correctly, fitted new plugs, points and condenser but the pinking persists. I am running of regular unleaded fuel here in the UK. Any ideas? Also does anyone know where I might find lower compression pistons for an R60/5? I have heard that 8.0:1 are available? Cheers, Dave S.
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Re: Pre Ignition or Pinking

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Try retarding the ignition timing a little and see if it would help without any adverse effect.

Janardhana Rao.
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