R27 oil pump gear backlash spec??

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R27 oil pump gear backlash spec??

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Im working on a full engine rebuilt on my R27.

Just checking oil pump (15 mm gear) gear lash spec on Clymer and Barrington R27 restoration book says that if backlash is greater than 0.0012- 0.0020 " (0.03-0.05 mm) the gears must be replaced. After inspected gear teeths seems to be in good condition,, no shine or wear are visible.

After checking 5 pumps both 10mm and 15 mm gears lash are between 0.11 to 0.26 mm.

Does this spec is correct?? seems to be too close.. a sheet of paper is 0.10 mm thick...

BMW Clymer book gives 0.03-0.05 mm for gearlash, but Barringtons R60 restoration books says 0.004-0.010" (0.1016-0.254 mm) which makes more scense.

Does any body could help me with Factory spec for both engines?

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Guatemala, Central America
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